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About us

Why Jally?

Jally Body Organic Oil Boutique

In West Africa, a djeli or jalli [jah-lee] is a griot. Griots are storytellers, oral historians, and memories of a people. They remind you of where you come from and your value as an individual.

Jally Body wants to be every client's personal djeli. African beauty is an virtually undiscovered realm. It is powerful, effective and mostly natural. Oral traditions are passed on of which oils, herbs and potions work for various conditions. for 

Jally Body is the embodiment of African luxury. Luxury at its finest. Luxury that takes us back to our origins, memories of the past where we lived off the earth and used its botanical wealth. There was no need to test a product on animals, no need to add toxic chemicals to prolong shelf-life and absolutely no need to put our bodies in unnecessary jeopardy. This was because we favored the natural, we favored products that underwent minimal processing. It's time we go back to that.


Giving Back


Your purchase extends beyond a simple transaction. A portion of proceeds from each Jally Body purchase goes towards the world's most vulnerable populations. It is not a handout. It is about enabling individuals to access resources that will make their lives and those of future generations better. Everyone deserves a chance to reach their full potential. We strive to end child exploitation, hunger, lack of access to clean water, basic healthcare, education, and jobs. Jally Body believes in a world where together we can each help in any way we can.