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9 Ways to Use Beauty Oils

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1.  Cleanse with it
A common question I get is: Can I use oil even if I have oily skin? The answer is yes. Why? Plant, nut and seed oils will dissolve the excess oil your skin produces. Oil cleansing will cleanse your face of makeup residue, oils, dirt and other particles that accumulate throughout the day, which can help treat acne, unclog pores and neutralize free radicals.

To oil cleanse, add about 4-6 drops of oil to your palm, rub palms together and massage it on to your face. I like to massage for a couple of minutes because of the benefits of facial massaging. After your massage, simply wipe away any excess with a dampened cotton ball and follow with you gentle cleanser of choice.
2.  Use it as a face oil
Oil is a staple in my skin care routine. There is a clear difference when I use it. The skin is soft, smooth, radiant and protected. I will rotate the oil I use based on my skin issue: dryness, dehydration, hormonal acne, irritation, discoloration, etc. Sometimes I might get lucky and have to deal with a couple of issues, in that case, I mix oils and let the fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients work their magic.
For oil to be able to moisturize it needs water. There are a couple of ways to ensure that you are getting the proper balance. You can use oil in between your serum and moisturizer (serum-oil-moisturizer) or mix it into your favorite moisturizer (serum-(oil+moisturizer)). If your face is very oily, you can use a couple of drops on damp skin.
3. Use as a body oil
There is no better feeling than coming out of the shower in the evening and slathering a body oil on dampened skin. You can enhance the experience by adding a relaxing essential oil of your choice or just enjoy the raw power of your oil.
4.  Add it to your hair mask
I love hair masks and collect them. Moisturizing mask, repairing mask, shine enhancing mask, restorative masks, anti-aging hair mask (they do exist), you get my point. Dry, tangled hair is something I am predisposed to but cannot accept and therefore spend my weekends trying to fix it. My hair heroes are argan oil, mongongo oil, and shea nut oil. Heck, sometimes I'll add all three to my hair mask and sit back under a hair steamer and pamper myself.
5.  Overnight or pre-shampoo treatment
Shampoo is necessary, but even the most moisturizing formula can be drying. Enter the pre-shampoo treatment. Cover your hair with your oil of choice and allow to sit for 15-90 minutes before you shampoo. Oil can reduce frizziness, make strands stronger and prevent breakage. I'm of the camp that believes more is more but in this instance keep in mind that the more oil you use, the more shampoo you need. Light oils like argan or mongongo oil are great options. If you are confident that your hair loves oil, tie it up into a topknot and leave the oil in overnight. Make sure to cover your pillow. My creative mother wraps the pillow in a plastic or garbage bag then puts it in an old 'hair oil' pillowcase and goes to sleep. She doesn't mind the sound. Wrapping the pillowcase in an old towel would work too.
6.  Add it to your DIY face mask
If you want to enjoy the benefits of oil but aren't prepared to dive in head first, try adding oil to your DIY face mask. Clay masks and oil are a match made in beauty heaven.
Oily skin: Bentonite clay
Normal skin: Sea clay
Dry skin: Kaolin clay

7. Add it to your foundation 


Add a drop of oil to your foundation for a sheer finish and a serious glow. It will give you breathtaking, dewy skin. Maracuja oil is great for this purpose.

8. Use as cuticle oil


Dry cuticles are not attractive. But they sure do happen to all of us. Dry cuticles can cause hang nails, those pesky bits that stick out and get caught on fabric and hurt and bleed when pulled out. It's important to moisturize your cuticles daily. A drop of oil is sufficient for all 10 fingers. Simply rub it into your cuticles and rub the base of each fingernail for about 10 seconds to encourage blood flow to the nail.


9. Body and Lip Scrub


Scrubs are probably the easiest beauty product to make. Mix some oil into 2-3 tablespoons of fine sugar or salt, and you can scrub your worries away. I lied. It'll probably only scrub away your dead, flaky, skin but it's a good enough start.

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